Straight C student throughout school my entire life. I went to college because that’s what I was supposed to do…left after year 2, took more classes in community college over the next several years while working to support my self and finally got my Associates in Liberal Studies and that was because I was really only a couple classes away from it.

I have always loved tinkering with and building stuff for as long as I can remember. Working on cars with friends and their dads, building mobile audio for myself and friends, and working construction for my father’s company since pre-teens.

My first real project was a 1964 Chevy C10 while I was in high school. It was a frame off restoration project, rust repair, lowered, 350 swap and then stolen before I was able to finish from a shop that was helping me with some final steps before paint work.

I got into the Volkswagen scene in college when I helped my girlfriend by a 2001 Jetta 1.8t. I was hooked from there.  Since then I have had 15+ more all with various stages of modifications. The more I got into the cars the more I disliked the culture and the negativity within the VW community and patrons. Baring a few groups of course that I am still a part of with my 2008 VW R32 like MNVW! This is a group of like-minded individuals that really know what this should be about.

I have wanted a motorcycle since forever. My grandfather road Indians and Harleys back in the day, my Uncle also road and customized motorcycles.  The stories I heard about them were not all sunny days and warm feelings. I remember my grandmother telling me about wrecking with my grandfather and her leather boots filling up with blood from the rash. My uncle had several back wrecks resulting in complete reconstructive surgery of his face, hip replacements and the loss of one leg.

So needless to say I was not allowed to buy a bike while under my parents roof. When I was 29 I sold my last VW project (1979 VW Rabbit Diesel) and bought my first bike (1983 Yamaha XS650). This bike was completely stock and running perfect.  Now (trigger warning) these bikes are terribly ugly but they are bullet proof.  I knew it couldn’t stay this way but I road it for a season while I figured out what needed to change.  I researched everything I could, all styles, joined every forum, asked tons and tons of questions, and never once was made to feel unwelcome or call a newb or experience any negativity at all.  This was such a transformation from almost all of the Volkswagen groups and forums I had previously belonged to, I was in shock!

And I was Hooked!

I couldn’t decide what style I like more? What I saw was the purist that sought out the older XS650s and did stock restorations. Cool but I like to tinker and build and wanted to make this my own so that option was off the table, plus this was an 83’ special heritage….haha.  Then there were the Café Racers and Bobbers. I loved the history behind both of these but settled on the Café Racer style as with my limited knowledge and this being my first bike project it seemed easier…haha little did I know this was the beginning of a minor/major obsession.

I have to steal the time to do this because its it a hobby. That’s just how it is.

I will update this as often as possible but please be patient if there are gaps in time. I am married with 2 young kids and though I love spending as much time in the shop as I can they are my 1st priority and my number one passion.  Some may think how do you have the time/money to do all this, be married and raise 2 kiddos?  Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, here is proof!  I chuckle to myself every time I am browsing Craigslist or a Forum for parts or the next project bike and the add states “have to sell because the wife and I are expecting” or “kid number 2 is on the way and can afford to finish this” or “give it the attention it deserves”.  Don’t get me wrong budgets are budgets and family is first but I recharge my internal batteries working on these bikes and spending time in the shop, and I want my children to learn how to work with their hands. I want to show them they can build something that they can’t find in the stores. I want them to know a labor of love and that if they work hard and put their mind to work they can achieve great things.  The art of working with your hands, building something for “You”, fixing what’s broken or inventing something to solve a problem right in front of you is dying!   It is being lost in the Millennial generation (don’t misunderstand me here I am a Millennial) and I will try my hardest not to perpetuate the stereo types through my children.

See the links within this site for my various builds, pictures and descriptions.  I do not claim to be a professional. I am a DIY, Garage Builder, Built not Bought mentality, Instagraming, Sharing, People person that just fell in love with building motorcycles.  Feel free to contact me using the Contact Me link. I will also add links to friends projects that I have met during this journey as well as builds I found inspirational.


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