So I recently picked up a 2005 VW Passat, 1.8t, Wagon, Manual, 4Motion car in LD7W Grey with Anthacite interior.  One of 4 made.  In total there are only a little over 400 Passats with the 1.8t, manual, wagon, 4Motions made.

I hunted for a long time for this car and one happened to pop up in town! Lucky Me!

I contacted the seller who was already in conversations with many other out of state interested buyers, after some discussions about the car I told him I would take the car for asking price site un seen.

The car has a little rust (all  fixable) and the rear drivers door was backed into that winter. The seller was the original owner from day one and had all maintenance records done at Luther Westside Volkswagen in St. Louis Park, MN.

No you ask, how much did I pick this up for? $1750 all in and couldn’t be more please!


First step was to address a Vacuum/Boost leak as I wasn’t able to hit full boost.  I figured rather than replacing a bunch of stuff I didn’t want in the long run and was really un needed anyways I would just pull it out all. Add a Catch Can, some vacuum lines and caps and a new 034 Motorsports Diverter Valve and here is what you get! Also threw on a set of 2.0t coil packs and adapter plate with hold downs to dress things up a bit…image4

Second was to get it a bit lower so that I could be presentable and get my BBS LM 2 Piece wheels on that have just been getting dusty in the garage. Installed a set of BC Coilovers and now I feel a bit better cruising around.image2

And, of course now that Im low i threw on a Diesel Geeks Panzer Plate to keep that low hanging aluminium oil pan nice and safe and in one piece!image1


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