Okay, I tried to make a seat for the first time today.  I will tell you right here I am not happy with the way it turned out or the fitment.  Couple reasons; 1) the pan is designed for a CX500 Custom tank and I am not running a Custom tank, I am running a tank off a XL250 wish is about 3 inches shorter. I did not take this into consideration when altering my pan (brain fart). 2) Its my first time. The top looked pretty good but when sewing the sides on and attaching it to the pan it just looks bumpy and lumpy and ugly!

That being said it makes me appreciate the craft that others can do and helps justify the $$$ spent on a quality seat that fits the way it is supposed to.

Heavy Duty Needle, Upholstery Thread, Automotive Vinyl and 1 inch batting used for the pleating.



Marked the stitching lines 1 1/8″ spacing with chalk.IMG_0698

I found that if I laid parchment paper on top I could still see the lines marked and nothing got snagged up.  I have also heard that there are alternate feet for the sewing machine to correct this.IMG_0699

4″ High Density Foam, stretch the seat cover over and hot clued on the pan side.  Its not the worst looking seat I have ever seen but not up to snuff in my mind.  Plus it looks huge  behind that tank.  I will be ordering a slim brat seat asap.IMG_0700IMG_0701

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