Okay I have been fighting with the alignment of my front brakes ever since installing the MotoIron Springer and Caliper from TCBros. I finally made some phone calls because I couldn’t find anything online.  Here is how I had it set up per the instructions that cam with the caliper and springer. You can see the rubbing on the rotor.


Here are how to spacers need to be set up, what was missing from the instructions that came with the parts was that one piece pushed inside the oil seal up against the wheel bearing.  No where mentioned this piece in the instructions or online.


Specs on the wheel I am using.IMG_0537

Pics of the inside of each wheel bearing and seal.  They are a bit torn up from me fighting with this for so long.IMG_0540IMG_0539

Axle with all the parts that came with the caliper and springer.  Again missing the one piece I needed and no mention of this until I called.  They immediately asked if I had bought the OEM HD Style Wheel Spacer for 3/4″ axles.  Part Number 115-0027.  Of course not I said, no where mentions needing this…IMG_0538

No I am willing to admit when I make a mistake and want others to learn from my mistakes. No I was missing that part mentioned above and that did correct the alignment and fit, but, drum roll please, I also had the installed a right hand caliper on the left side…BOOM all fixed and ready to roll.  Just need to sort out my 2 into 1 intake and carb now!IMG_0543

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