Today is an exciting day.  I have been fighting carbs on these bikes for years and have always been curious about these set ups so when I failed after cleaning my carbs for the 3rd time I gave in a made a purchase form Wise Guys and Mikes XS. Now Wise Guys was awesome to deal with!  The fielded a ton of my questions a put together a package that would be perfect for my bike!  Tracker Style 2 into 1 intake and a Mikuni 38mm Round Slide Carb pre jetted for my XS650 with pod filters and straight pipes!  Huge shout out to these guys.


This thing looks great and fits perfectly! Follow the lines of my hardtail, couldn’t ask for more in quality construction and style!IMG_0554IMG_0555

All that is left if to complete my modifications to to the throttle cable for this roundslide and hope to be up and running form Dirty Rotten BikerFest on Saturday!

Throttle cable completed by Blue Cat Motorcycles in St. Paul MN using a British style cable they had on hand. Worked out great!

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