I received in a seat a few weeks back from 4into1.com and have not been very pleased with the quality thus far. The mounting holes for the brackets are cheap metal molded into the plastic pan and do not thread well of feel strong. I am working out how to use it still because it is the only upholstered seat I have found with a hollow hump in the rear to hide my battery.

So in the mean time I am re working the rear hoop, I cut of the old one I did for the Fiberglass seat pan and tried the sheet metal that holds all my wiring and battery to match up with the seat.  I bent a piece of flat stock around a log from my back yard (only thing I could find with the correct diameter) use what you got! Got to welding it on with my wire feed / no gas, and then cleaning it up. Turned out pretty good I think!

Of course I had my little helper out with me today, keeping an eye on the progress.


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