So i am working with a company Texavina to build a custom seat for my CX500 Scrambler build.  These bikes were either a custom or deluxe models and the seats line up much differently, that added with I am using a tank from an XL250 no seats on the market line up right.  I reached out to this company to see if they could provide me with some detailed measurements on some of their seats and was surprised when the owner messaged be back and offered to work with me in building a custom seat that would work for my application.

Below are all the photos he asked for with measurements and he is mocking everything up with his bike in the shop.  This will take a few weeks to complete but I’m super excited to see how it turns out.

This is the seat pan that came with the bike.  My bike is a  CX500 Deluxe and Texacina informed me this seat is off a Custom.


I hate how wide, long and bulky this seat is.IMG_0482

The plan is to utilize the current mounting points for a factory fit, approx. 24″ long. Relocating all the electronics under the seat. Unlike my XS650s all the stock electronic wiring should be able to be moved around without extending or re wiring anything!IMG_0481

The goal is to have the seat flat on top, as slim as possible and the bottom edge to follow the contour of the bike to fill this gap.IMG_0477IMG_0478IMG_0480

This is where the old sissy bar/grab bar was bolted on.  Texavina suggested that this be where the rear side of the seat be attached if we decide not to use the stock mounting location on the cross member pictured here as well. Both are great options!IMG_0479

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