Okay so its getting nice out and I am doing a ton of house project. I have had about an hours worth of work on 3 different bikes to finish them up and cant seem to find the time for any of them.  I hate not making progress, its depressing.

The Cafe and the Bobber are closer to being finished so I put the 1979 Honda CX500 Scrambler project up for sale. Good old Craigslist, for better or worse we will see what happens.

Update, 3 people have come by to check it out.  When I say people I really mean kids.  As I talked about the bike and what my plans were for it I get excited and kinda wanna keep it.  haha

Of course though it a project and when these kids come to look at it they ask a bunch of questions that I already answered in the ad as well as made clear on the phone or via text prior to them coming out. Then of course they come to the realization that its more work than they are ready for.

Some peoples kids right! We will see, I am still working on getting a custom seat done up for it and if I get that worked out before it sells I will just finish it up and list it again for double the price or more…win win really.

Oh yeah, I found and contacted the original owner and he was a super cool dude.  Wanted to hear all about where the bike was now and told me everything he had done to it.  he rebuilt the motor about 4 years ago, and was glad to see it getting worked on again. He was happy to go to the DMV and get a replacement title for me because he had signed the original one 4 years ago in the wrong spot and since then it has change hands 3 times.  Got the title in the mail signed in the correct spot 3 days later!  Its all legit now!

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