Got something in the mail today, I have been waiting over a month for this to arrive.  Came from China and due to weather on the east coast it was even further delayed!

But its here!


New Honda RD50 tank from eBay. I was sick of the giant XS1100 tank.IMG_0381

Coupled with the new seat I ordered from 4into1.comIMG_0380

I am really happy with this way this looks even just sitting here. I am going to need to shorten up the rear end a bit and re work the seat hoop. Already welded up a new rear mount for the tank that the front mount for the seat will use also.  I think I am going to ditch the rear mounts that the seat came with. Not going to work with my setup.  I will post what I come up with.IMG_0379

Got dark all of a sudden.  Shop lights out while I try to finish welding up the mounts.IMG_0384IMG_0383

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