The time has come to finally mount my tank on the frame.  I have run into a few setbacks, the stock petcock that I assumed would be fine hit on the top of the motor when mounting.  I ran through a few options in previous post (Frisco mount) but did not care for the look! I wanted it to be as I originally intended.  So this is what I came up with.

This is a spiggoit style petcock like you would see on your house for your hose…haha


Leather washers on all the tank mount hardware for vibration reduction. Plus they look cool!IMG_0371

Even with this it just clears the nuts and top of the motor…fewIMG_0370

Hard to see in the lighting in my garage but I think the shape of the handle complement the scallops on the tank and the blacks go well together. Here I used a Petcock Adapter from the stock 22mm Harley to 3/8 inch to connect the new Petcock. Can also be bought from Amazon here in Chrome.IMG_0369

And now the whole bike from all angles.  Will look 10 times better out in the sun light but I still need to wire up the taillight and get the front brake line on (still waiting on the custom SS line in the mail).IMG_0365IMG_0367IMG_0366IMG_0368

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