Okay in no particular order I will walk you though part 3 or the final assembly accomplishments of the day.

Got the polish valve covers and timing covers on, also the alternator cover but, below I am trying to determine where I like the clear alternator cover or the polished one with the YAMAHA on it.  Suggestions or opinions welcome.


Full shot of the bike with headlight and taillights/license bracket mounted, exhaust on, wiring tucked (I need some wire wrap for the parts that have to show).IMG_0230

Old reproduction Model X taillight mounted to follow the lines of the frame, and new chain.IMG_0232

Left side foot pegs and shifter mounted. Also you can see I got the kickstand issue worked out (the peg that the spring connected to at the frame got twisted out of position during powder coating, just had to loosed and rotate back to the correct position and we are good to go!)IMG_0233

Headlight, and yes I did re run black wire from the bottom so its not quite as noticeable. Looks hi but no handle bars and tank mounted yet, should be good.IMG_0237

Right hand side valve and timing covers, exhaust wrapped and on.  Will need to pull the right side off to replace the cover on that side. Also right side foot peg, brake pedal and linkage all set up.IMG_0236

Took the backet that came with my coil and the un used mounting hold on the motor and mounted my coil under the carbs all tucked away nice, re routed the spark plug wires up between the carbs. Turned out very clean.IMG_0234

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