Okay so post Ceramic Pro Coating by Glisten Detailing I am ready to get this put back together. I am taking all next week off from work to hammer down on this.  I decided to get my Father and Father in Law over today to help set the engine in place.  It helps a ton to have the extra hands, plus I didn’t want to take any chances scratching the new powder or coating!


My Father helping be get the bike back up on the work bench.IMG_7853

Strapping it down and connection the spring for the kickstand. For some reason its not holding the kickstand up to the frame all the way? I will have to work on that a bit to see whats up?IMG_7855IMG_7854

Laying down some protection! Cant be too careful, I have alot of money in this paint, powder, and coating to risk anything.IMG_7856

Of course a little discussion so we are all on the same page about what we are about to do. Nothing worse that holding something heavy and then trying to explain what is going on.IMG_7858

I climbed up on the bench and straddled the bike to help hoist it into place and move around as needed while my Father in Law slide the lower mounting bolt into place.IMG_7860

It took a little convincing with a rubber mallet but got it in and secured. P.S. don’t tighten any of the bolts up fully until all the motor mounting bolts  are in place, they do move the frame around a little and everything just fits together better loose. IMG_7862IMG_7864IMG_7866

And, of course my little motorcycle building in the making came out to check on how things are going.  Making sure I’m getting everything just right!IMG_7868

You can kinda see the gold flake on the frame here but this is nothing, wait until you see it in person or in the sun!IMG_7869

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