Today I got into painting my engine as I expect to have my rolling frame back this week.  I started by dousing everything in a de-greaser (Purple Power) and clearing as much as possible.  I then  sprayed everything again and used my Bissel Steam Shot to get into every nook and cranny to make sure everything would be ready for paint, I love the steamer it works great and is safe for all painted surfaces as well!  I used the  Gloss Black VHT Engine Enamel and this took less than one can.  I taped everything off, you can see there is some left, that I didn’t want black. All the covers will be replaced with freshly polished ones I have been working on, see previous posts.  The lower case will be done in a Silver VHT Engine Enamel later this week. I am still debating on whether or not to paint the carbs as well, not sure if this same paint will hold up to fuel (in case of a leak) or gum up any of the operations?  Any tips would be appreciated!


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