I received my Front Fender today so I decided to mock a few things up.  Installed my Hella Horn, built a bracket for mounting the Dirt Bike Fender and sliding the fork brace up under that to hold everything tight.

The combination with the XL250 tank is exactly as I was hoping.  This thing is turning out great.


Also got these RFY Gas Shocks in the mail today. They are not the color I expected…Lets see how they look installed and we will go from there.


Mounted up, the tank and fender look very pink in this pic but I assure you they are original Honda red.  But the shocks in question are definitely a different color…Thoughts?img_0026

Also you will notice that the universal shocks have a little play in them at the bottom.  If I do use these I will need to come up with some sort of spacer for either side.img_0028

I threw a rubber washer I had laying around on this side for the spacer.  I think this will work, one rubber washer on either side of the eye.img_0027

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