I am please to debut the latest step in XS650 Bobber Project.  I dropped my frame of at Adrenaline Customs for powder coating  a couple weeks ago.  It should be know that working with Adrenaline Customs in White Bear Lake MN was awesome.  The owner even called be with a few concerns with a couple welds on my bike, on one he kept my place in line while I took it home to fix and with the other he TIG welded himself for me!  This is above and beyond!

Below are the progress picture they provided along the way.  This is the frame completely sandblasted.


This is the Pre Treat step, a light coating to help adhesion as well as anti corrosion if I were to get in chips or scraps down the road.img_0018

Gloss black powder coat, first stage goes on looking flat.img_0019

Here is the gloss black after the curing process.img_0020

This is the clear coat with gold flake coating.  It goes on white, dont let this fool you…img_0021

Okay, cured and out in the sun.  Hard to get a good picture in our weather but you can see the flake here.img_0022

I have the frame home now and snapped a few more pictures with my shop lights, you can really see the flake in the next two!  I am pumped to have this back and to get started reassembly.  Its Go Time!img_0003img_0004

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