So I got a chance today to set the new tank on the bike.  I knew that it wouldn’t be a direct fit being that its off a Honda XL250.  I started chopping off the old tank mounting points on the frame, had to remove the upper motor mount bolts (will need a solution here yet) and moving the dual coils a bit lower.


With that done and few other minor tweaks we have a much better fit.  Now to determine new mounting points, rear should be no problem but still not sure on the fronts. I do not want to do any welding or modifications with the tank if at all possible because it is so clean and original! Here are a few pics, the tank is just sitting here not mounted, so sorry its sits a little crooked.  I cant say how excited I am, this is working out great and looks awesome!


Notice here the original rear mount for the tank is about 3-4″ further back. This will need to be removed and a moved up for the new mounting location. Also need to find a new location for the coils, there seems to be enough room further back under the tank but I will have to create some new mounting brackets.img_9978

2 thoughts on “’79 CX500 Tank Fitment

  1. Thank you! The story behind this tank makes it so much better! I am still surprised almost daily all the kind and interesting people I meet through working on motorcycles.


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