I have been hunting around quite a bit, forums, facebook groups, fellow riders, even zooming in on some photos found online trying to read the name on the tires.  I have determined that these are the tire that I really want for this project. These are the Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport tires.


Unfortunately the rear tire size on my ’79 CX500 is not available for these tires.  My original tire size is Front 100/90-19 and the Rear 130/90-16.

So I have two options here then, if I can source a rear wheel from a ’78, I already have a front laying around. The rear wheel from the ’78 is 18″ and that size is available in the Continental TKC80 Dual Sports.  Second option is to find my second choice tire that has the right tires sizes available.

Here is what I found for my second choice as I have not been able to locate a ’78 rear wheel yet and I don’t want that to hold up my project.

So I was pointed towards these tires from a member on one of the Facebook groups that I follow.  Bridgestone TW39 / TW40 Trail Wing Tires for the rear in 120/90-16 and the Bridgestone TW39 / TW40 Trail Wing Tires for the front in 90/100-19.  So rear is a slightly different size but I think that will turn out fine.



My biggest hesitation with these is that though they are the same make and model just different sizes the tread pattern is different.  Messing with my OCD a bit…not really!

I am still debating this and am still on the hunt for the elusive ’78 18″ rear wheel as well. I will update when I make a decision.

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