I had been waiting for the end of the season to figure this out but turns out it was pretty simple.  The weight of the battery (very little) was a little to much for the electrical pan hanging out at the back of the bike.  It tended to bounce a bit and eventually broke one of the welds.  I grabbed a piece of flat stock I had laying around and bent it to the same radius of the inside of my seat pan.  Got it all welded up and boy is it solid now.

Okay, really its going into storage now! I need to focus on this winters project.img_8665

Bike back at my new place now that our move is over, battery still out for the season with a trickle charger on it inside.battery-out-for-winter-storage

Couldn’t help but throw on the new Hella Horn. Get out of my way!hella-horn

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