On Craigslist double time, trying to pick up as many parts as I can for this build!  Black freshly powder coated rear XS650 wheel and brand new tire.


Brand New 21″ Harley Front wheel wrapped in brand new tire.


Used Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA and  PAMCO Ignition bought and installed right away hope it all works…haha


Test fitting and love these way more than the stock mags.  By the way TCBros says you cant run the stock wheels with this Springer but with some custom cut spacers it fit just fine in case you want to keep the stock wheels. It looks so clear with out the rotor but I will be installing the Rotor and Caliper from TCBros.


Picked up a Harley Peanut tank on Craigslist for $30!


Picked up a set of used exhaust headers and fitted those up, time to test fire. Well that didn’t work so well.  Cold on the right side and there is definitely a leak at the gasket.

Turned out that the pipe on the right hand side was completely rusted solid and not letting any exhaust escape. No wonder the guy was selling them!  Lesson learned, Ill be on the hunt for an new set soon.

Okay picked up the new set and was able to test fire it, still running rough but now we are making some progress! I will not be using this set for this project as they don’t fit with the hardtail and I am not digging the look anyway.  Maybe Ill put them on the Cafe Racer Project.


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