I was asking around on Facebook for some suggestions of someone to do paint work for me and was contacted by Matt Montfort or @matthewcaine48 on Instagram.  We worked out some ideas and I shipped him my tank to get to work. Below is the complete process he was kind enough to keep me updated throughout the process so that I could post everything here.

I will skip the gory details of stripping the tank. Here its down to bare metal and primed.


Silver Flake base coat.


Mixing up the Flake and Clear, Lookin good!


Wet sanded and laying tape for the design.


Matt said he spend over 5 hours laying color today!  I love the panels, lace, and lines.  Perfect for the 70’s look I was going for.


Clear coat on and you can really see that flake showing up in the light.



Finished product out in the sunshine.


Matt was even kind enough to lay out my shop name on the tank cap.


Arrived safe and sound from Texas back to Minnesota and I think that I will keep it here for safe keeping until its ready to go back on the bike.


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