Round # 2 on the electrical panel, I started to run my new wiring and realized I needed to extend the tray back a bit more for the battery to fit under that rear hump.  Tacked in place and ready for welding.

My wiring harness came from an awesome guy out east I met on

Here is his mock up. I think I will put a test stand together like this one day.


It has arrived and I am starting to get everything routed!


Ignition, Nuetral light, and fuse box, not sure where I’m going to hide this thing?


Here is the general idea of how everything will be laid out.  I couldn’t find a good spot for the fuse box / key box so I pulled every thing out of it.  Fuse pan rewired and will fit nicely under the seat now, Neutral light and Key wires were extended to up near the gauges.

I picked up a Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 Lithium battery for this (and Charger).  Its tiny, can be placed in any direction (even upside down) and weights like a pound or less.  This thing is pretty amazing!


Mounted up  my LED Taillight and License Bracket as well.  And threw some Vintage Grips on the Clip Ons.


Mounted up the Headlight, Grille and Gauges. I am really liking the lines this is starting to flow nicely.img_7152

Wow! So much wiring. Where am I going to hide all this?img_6861

I drilled out the side mounts for the Headlight Bucket and used those holes to mount the Blinkers (Update: I ended up buying to sets of these because I lost one lens riding done the road, Locktight those screws).  Keeps them nice and tucked in unlike the stock ones that stuck out past my knees. hahaimg_7153

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